Friday, December 30, 2011

Peu Être

Peu Être were a band from Niort, France and were active in the mid 90's. I haven't found a picture of the band, therefore I uploaded the cover for the s/t 7" posted below (I hope you won't be as bored listening to them as the dude on the picture looks like). They played very harmonic and melodic emotional hardcore and used small instrumental interludes during their songs. I exclude the three-way split in this post, but it can be found here.

Members were also involved in Amanda Woodward, Alcatraz, Carther Matha, Rachel among others.

Le coeur révélateur from the Peu Être 7"

Friendly Split Corporation (1995)
01. Anomie - Soumission
02. Anomie - Seul avec mes pensées
03. Peu Être - L'éteau de la dette
04. Peu Être - Introduction à la mémoire

Peu Être (1995)
01. Les deux cent familles
02. Le coeur révélateur
03. Zetkin
04. Eclipse
05. Outro

Demo (1994)
01. Lassitude
02. L'espirit se meurt
03. Sourire
04. Il y a la vie
05. Ma liberté
06. Regrets
07. En pleine quiétude
08. Ces yeux
09. Savoir taire
10. Une chanson d'amour

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