Thursday, December 29, 2011


Jasemine was a short-lived emotional hardcore band from France that existed between 1994 and 1995. In these two years, they only recorded four songs. Note that the quality on the split recordings is better. Their sound was passionate, melodic and angry altogether, and the lyrics were very political. Wrongfully, they were very underrated. As I lately found out through my buddy Gábriel, Yaphet Kotto covered Héritage, whereas the original is still better.

All three members in the band had also played in Finger Print. Funny enough, Jasemine covered Choix, which was orignally a song by Finger Print. Members were also involved in: Undone, Ananda, Daymare, G-77, Inertie, and Kiss The Bottle.

Christophe (guitars/vocals) runs Stonehenge Records, which puts out a lot of gems in the French hardcore punk scene. You can still order the split 7" with Ivich via the label's webstore. 

Héritage from the split 7" with Elements Of Need

Elements Of Need/Jasemine (1995)
01. Elements Of Need - On 7
02. Elements Of Need - Industry Falls
03. Elements Of Need - I Bet You'd Look Great In Silicon
04. Jasemine - Héritage
05. Jasemine - Silence 

Ivich/Jasemine (1995)
01. Ivich - H.I.V.
02. Jasemine - Restriction
03. Jasemine - Choix 

Demo (1994)
01. Silence
02. Héritage
03. Choix
04. Restriction

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