Saturday, December 31, 2011


Ok, so this is the first post of a band outside of France. Grain was an emotional hardcore band from Ohio, USA that was active in the mid 90's. What I like most about this band are the vocals: sometimes screamed, sometimes sung, sometimes indistinct. Generally speaking, Grain recorded diversified material on these three seven inches. So good. If you like the whole emotional hardcore movement of the 90's, this is for you.

Members went on to play in Viva Caramel, Clouds Forming Crows, and Forgotten Souls Of Antiquity.

Homestead from the Grain 7"

Trials And Tribulations (1995)
01. The Thrills Of A Race Car Driver
02. Trout

Grain/Harriet The Spy (1994)
01. Grain - Nibble
02. Grain - Breathe
03. Harriet The Spy - Credit Slips
04. Harriet The Spy - Sleeping Through The Money Shot

Grain (1994)
01. Homestead
02. Hickory
03. Pause

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