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Anomie was a female-fronted from Orleans, France. After Escape broke up, the members in the band wanted to keep on playing music, and eventually Gilles (bass) and Kathleen (vocals) of Escape started Anomie in 1994 with Johnny (guitar) and Rémi (drums). What's remarkable is that Rémi was only 13 years young at this time.

Anomie played raw, powerful and passionate emotional hardcore and the female vocals by Kathleen give it a special touch. They wrote powerful and intelligent lyrics that dealt with political and societal issues such as sexism, racism, war, self-image and consumerism. You can find the lyrics with English translations here. I think it's safe to say that Anomie was one of the pioneering bands in terms of French and European screamo.

After Anomie broke up in 1997, members went on to play in An-Attâ, Leka Tchipa, Anna O, Anitza, and Cromwell O.

Indifférence = mort from the Anomie LP

Anomie (1997)
01. Avorter n'est pas tuer
02. Liens II
03. Acceptation
04. Manipulation
05. Propriété d'une norme
06. Indifférence = mort
07. Deny Tradition
08. Ulrike Meinhoff

Friendly Split Corporation (1995)
01. Anomie - Soumission
02. Anomie - Seul avec mes pensées
03. Peu Être - L'éteau de la dette
04. Peu Être - Introduction à la mémoire

Peace Of Mind/Anomie (1995)
01. Peace Of Mind - Part
02. Peace Of Mind - Education
03. Peace Of Mind - Communication Is Strength
04. Peace Of Mind - We're Not Gonna Take It
05. Peace Of Mind - Anarchy
06. Peace Of Mind - Repression
07. Peace Of Mind - Rotten
08. Anomie & Peace Of Mind - I Want My Life (And I'll Get It!)
09. Anomie - Chercher des solutions
10. Anomie - Les liens
11. Anomie - Rôle
12. Anomie - Le paraître
13. Anomie - Acoustica
14. Anomie & Peace Of Mind - Afraid

Demo (1993)
01. Disharmonie
02. Comment peut-on parler de liberté?
03. Pieds et mains percés
04. Enchaînées
05. Affrontement
06. Illusion

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